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Women of Today is organized at several different levels; Local leadership, District leadership and State leadership. This section is divided into 4 catagories; Aitkin Chapter Officers and LPMs, District 3 Officers, State Staff, as well as a informational page to describe what each Officer Possition and Local Program Manager's responsabilities are.

Aitkin Chapter District 3 State Staff Officer & LPM Descriptions

Officer Position Descriptions

    Presides over meetings of the chapter including setting an agenda for each meeting. (The board should assist in finalizing the agenda.)
    She also oversees other officer positions, assisting when necessary.
    Attends as many district, state and area meetings as possible.
    She may also assist in the completion of Success each trimester and submit a year-end and/or mid-year evaluation.
Programming Vice President (PVP): (May be divided into Internal and External Vice President positions.)
    Encourages local program managers (LPM).
    Helps orientate the LPMs
    Reminds LPMs of report deadlines
    Helps recruit members to take programming positions
    Assists in reporting in the areas that do not have an LPM.
Membership Vice President (MVP):
    Assists the chapter with membership responsibilities. Including: renewals, membership nights, orientation of new members, Installation of new members/renewal ceremonies, etc.
State Delegate:
    The official liaison between the chapter and the district and the state organization.
    Should attend as many district and state meetings as possible.
    May be responsible to RSVP for district, state and area meetings
    Report to the chapter about the highlights of convention and other meetings after attending.
    May also submit a year-end and/or mid-year evaluation.
    Keeps the official minutes of each meeting.
    May also serve as the official contact with the PALS chapter.
    May coordinate chapter newsletter.
    Keeps track of the chapter finances.
    Manages the checkbook and reports the financial status of the chapter at each meeting.
    Reads the orders of the day at each meeting.
    Establishes a quorum at the meeting.
    Assists in the voting process.
    May be chair of the Bylaw/Policy Review Committee.
These officers along with the past presidents make up our chapter board. Our board meets each month prior to the general membership meeting to discuss the agenda for the upcoming membership meeting.
*Note these definitions are only a guide. Our chapter Bylaws/Policies more clearly define the roles of each officer.

LPM Position Descriptions

Internal programming provides opportunities for our membership, their chapters, and families. These areas work within the chapters and organization.

Living & Learning (LL):

    Promotes participation and provides information and ideas in the areas of personal growth of members: intellectually, spiritually, civically, and through family. Also promotes the Effective Writing, Speaking, and Impromptu competitions as well as the Women Who Impact Awards. Oversees invocations and benedictions at meetings.
    Responsible for gathering the information for the monthly newsletter, putting it all together in an easy-to-read format, copying and distributing to members and other individuals.
Public Relations (PR):
    This area gets the word out about our organization. This position submits press releases to local newspapers and helps to identify other PR tools for the chapter, cable TV, radio, internet, etc…Also promotes Women of Today week.
Records & Recognition (R&R):
    Program to encourage good recordkeeping for chapter projects; project recognition; mid-year and year-end entries; Projects of the Trimester; and SUCCESS.
Ways & Means (WM):
    Helps to raise funds to keep your chapter going! If you’re an individual with lots of fund-raising ideas, sign up now. Promotes state promotional items for each trimester and the state store.
External programming works with the chosen, and sometimes appointed, foundations to bring specific needs to those outside of the Women of Today.

Isaac’s Foundation:

    Program to encourage involvement with Isaac’s Foundation to reach strategic goals to serve more children with cancer by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with IF. MNWT three year priority area.
Community Connections (CC):
    Program to encourage involvement in their local community. Promotes Friendship Ventures, the Outstanding Person with Developmental Challenges Award, CC Awards, and national programming areas that do not fall under a MNWT programming area.
Women’s Wellness (WW):
    Educate members on current health issues; support a foundation dealing with women’s health; promote the March of Dimes March for Babies.
Youth of Today (YT):
    Promotes ideas and activities that allow youth to discover and experience the importance of volunteering. Also promotes the OYA program, Kids’ Week, and foundations related to youth activities.
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